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Watch the recording of my talk about how to measure the User Experience using UX metrics at UXCon in Vienna 2023. 


Watch the recording of my opening keynote at UX360 in Berlin 2024. The talk is about how to measure Critical User Journeys and leverage them for product development.

The role of UX research.png

I had the opportunity of talking about the role of UX research at the UX Evening @ Google in Singapore. 


Dr. Javier Bargas-Avila

Results-driven UX Research Director with a 20+ year track record of building scalable, inclusive teams across global contexts. Dedicated to ethical research practices, delivering actionable user insights, and cultivating talent through a coaching-focused leadership style. Proven ability to craft user-centric products that resonate with diverse audiences.

Currently leading a diverse UX Research team of 25+ professionals across Google Play (North America and Europe). Proven success in building and scaling high-impact research teams throughout Google (Cloud, Advertising, YouTube). Prior experience establishing and managing the HCI research lab at the University of Basel.


You kept me on my toes, were not quiet in any of your disagreements with recruiting or hiring decisions and gave me such a feeling of belonging even though I was never officially a part of the UX team.

(UX recruiter)

You are a UX and Research Lead I look up to and an inspiration to me. I always admire how you can make everything so clear with just a few sentences, and it's like a lightbulb goes off in my head. Thank you for all your advice and support over the years!

(Senior Staff UXR Mgr)

I love so many things about you - how deeply you care for your team and the people you work with, your transpency and honesty, and of course your passion for good wine. You are loved and respected by me and many. Thank you for inspiring us all.

(Senior Staff UXR Mgr)

Upcoming Events

"Psychology of Everyday Things"
University of Geneva
Geneva, Switzerland

"Unlocking the secrets of UX by measuring CUJs"
UX for Life Science Conference
Basel, Switzerland

"Career Insights from UX Leaders"
World Usability Congress
Graz, Austria

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